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What is the EU Blue Card?

With the EU Blue Card, highly qualified foreign nationals with recognized qualifications and an annual minimum salary can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment in Germany. If all prerequisites are fulfilled, the foreigner first receives a visa for a period of 3-6 months after successful application at the diplomatic mission in his country of origin. Following entry into Germany, the visa must be converted into a long-term residence permit at the competent authority.

Decisive advantages of the Blue Card over a simple "work visa" are the uncomplicated family reunion and the lack of language requirements. In addition, the spouses of Blue Card holders have the unrestricted right to carry out any kind of work. 33 months after entry and with knowledge of German at A1 level, it is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit. At B1 language level, permission can even be granted after only 21 months.
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  • A German or recognized foreign university degree
  • Correspondence of the employment with one's educational background
  • Employment contract or binding job offer in Germany


    • The processing time can be shortened with a prior approval (ZAV-Zustimmung), which can be applied for at the Federal Labour Agency before entry.
    • Make sure you make an appointment with the responsible foreign mission well ahead of time, otherwise the application process can be delayed.
    • Don't forget to check both your university and your educational qualifications in the "anabin"-database.
    • Check which of your documents need to be legalised or translated.
    • Apply for visas for family members directly or within 6 months of your own entry in order to benefit from accelerated processing.

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    VISARIGHT helps to realize a smooth visa procedure. Applicants can effortlessly check their chances of success using a scoring algorithm and have their application data automatically validated. Our platform also offers comprehensive overview functions. We create all application documents for you and provide you with a personal contact person at all times throughout the process. In addition, we help to secure a timely visa appointment and support you with services after arrival in Germany (e.g. residence permit or residence registration).

    At VISARIGHT, employers can monitor the migration process of foreign employees and invite new team members via their own dedicated dashboard.
    In individual cases or depending on the requirements of the competent diplomatic mission, further documents may be required over the course of the visa procedure.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do I even need a visa?
    Citizens of some countries can enter Germany without a visa. Subsequently, one must apply for the Blue Card within three months of entering Germany at the relevant immigration authority.
    How long is the Blue Card valid?
    The Blue Card is initially issued for a limited period of up to four years. If the contractual duration of the employment relationship is less than four years, the Blue Card is issued for the duration of the employment relationship plus three months. An extension is possible.
    How long does the application take?
    The final duration depends, in particular, on the country of origin or the capacity of the diplomatic mission concerned, as well as on individual conditions, and may therefore vary from case to case.
    Does the Blue Card permit free movement within the EU?
    Yes, up to 90 out of 180 days can be spent in other Schengen countries.
    Can I take my family along?
    Spouses and children can be reunited within 6 months in an accelerated procedure. After this period, the process takes much longer. Knowledge of German is not required.
    Can I enter Germany with a Schengen visa and apply for a Blue Card in Germany?
    While the applicant is staying in an EU member state with a Schengen visa or without a visa, a Blue Card is only issued in exceptional cases and one has to return to one's home country first.
    Can the Blue Card holder leave Germany for a longer period of time?
    Blue Card holders have the right to leave Germany and the EU for up to 12 months without losing their residence permit.
    Am I bound to my employer?
    In the first two years there is a commitment to the employer. This means that the Blue Card holder must obtain special permission from the Foreigners Office if he wishes to change employer.
    What happens if I lose my job?
    The loss of a job must be reported to the Foreigners Office. Taking into account the possibility of a new job search, the Foreigners Office can subsequently shorten the duration of the residence permit.
    Is there a minimum salary?
    The gross annual minimum income of a Blue Card holder is EUR 53,600 (for some scarce occupations, this limit is reduced to EUR 41,808). In certain cases, subsidies (e.g. Christmas bonuses) can also be deducted from the annual salary. The net salary amount can be checked using anonline calculator (German only).
    Is my foreign educational qualification recognized in Germany?
    Comprehensive information on the recognition and comparability of foreign educational qualifications can be found in the "anabin"-database (German only).
    Is the Blue Card limited to certain occupational groups?
    In principle, no occupational group is excluded. However, one's own educational qualifications must correspond to the desired occupation.
    Which occupations are considered shortage occupations?
    These are groups 21, 25 and 221 of the International Classification of Occupations (ISCO). The complete list can be found here.
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    Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, New Zealand and USA
    -When issuing a Blue Card to experts in the field of natural sciences, mathematics, IT, engineers, doctors and of other scarce professions, the minimum annual salary is 41,808 EUR.
    -For other occupations 53,600 EUR
    -Sums are indicated before taxes and deductions
    EU Blue Card
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    EU Blue Card
    Please fill out the application form below:
    Do you already have a signed employment contract with a German employer?
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    EU Blue Card
    Please fill out the application form below:
    Do you already have a signed employment contract with a German employer?
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