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What is the training visa?

A specific type of visa can be issued for the commencement of an apprenticeship / vocational training in Germany. In addition to some personal requirements, which must be met, the granting of the visa requires the approval of the Federal Labour Agency. They will check whether suitable applicants from within Germany are available for the training (priority check) and whether the foreigner will be employed under comparable working conditions. The examination of one's personal requirements depends on the "objective trainability" and the plausibility of the overall circumstances. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate a certain amount of knowledge about the desired training occupation as well as individual motivation.

The successful completion of one's vocational training can only be achieved if the foreigner has the necessary knowledge of the German language. For most training occupations, minimum language requirements apply at A2 level (B1 for regulated medical occupations). In deviation from this, the employer can set its own requirements for the required language level of the foreign trainees. If a language course is part of the training or precedes it, or the training takes place (partly) in another language, reduced requirements may apply. Inadequate language skills can lead to rejection, as it is assumed that the applicant will not be able to follow communication at the workplace and vocational school lessons.
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  • Secondary school diploma or comparable qualification
  • Motivation, plausibility & trainability of the applicant
  • Proof of basic knowledge of the German language (A2/B1)
  • Approval of the Federal Labour Agency
  • Proof of financial means


          • The processing time can be shortened with a prior approval (ZAV-Zustimmung), which can be applied for at the Federal Labour Agency before entry.
          • Check whether the desired training occupation is included in the "positive list" - in these cases, the Federal Labour Agency does not carry out a priority check.
          • Make sure you make an appointment with the responsible foreign mission well ahead of time, otherwise the application process can be delayed.
          • Don't forget to check your secondary school diploma in the "anabin"-database and whether it allows you to take up a training/apprenticeship.
          • Check which of your documents need to be legalised or translated.
          • Obtain an additional proof of financing if the training salary does not cover the uniform federal orientation amount.

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                In individual cases or depending on the requirements of the competent diplomatic mission, further documents may be required over the course of the visa procedure.
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                Frequently Asked Questions
                What is the priority check?
                The so-called priority check is carried out by the Federal Labour Agency. In order to prevent negative effects on the German labour market, the aim is to check whether there are also suitable preferential beneficiaries (suitably qualified German nationals) available for the vocational training. The so-called "positive list" of scarce occupations will be consulted. It includes occupations for which there are not enough skilled workers in Germany. For all occupations listed there, no priority check is required.
                How can I provide proof of financial means?
                The German diplomatic mission abroad uses a set orientation amount for the examination. As of September 1st 2019 the amount is EUR 955 gross. As proof in the visa procedure, the amount of the monthly training compensation is initially taken into account. If the training salary is less than EUR 955, the trainee must prove that he has sufficient means of subsistence. This can be done, for example, through one's own assets or a blocked account. If proof is submitted that board and/or lodging will be provided or that inexpensive accommodation can be used (e.g. dormitories), the provable amount can be reduced by up to EUR 150.
                Does a contract already have to be available?
                Yes, a signed training contract is required for the application. VISARIGHT can generate all other documents for you.
                Is it possible to take up a part-time job during the training?
                Yes, it is possible to work for up to ten hours a week, independent of vocational training.
                How can the outcome of the visa procedure be positively influenced?
                The granting of visas to trainees is at the discretion of the German diplomatic mission abroad. A prognosis assessment determines whether the applicant's individual trainability is given. The forecast includes an assessment of whether the applicant can complete the intended training within a reasonable period of time and whether the intended training programme is a good fit for the applicant.
                Must accommodation be provided?
                No, unlike holiday employment, the provision of accommodation is uncommon during vocational training. In certain cases, however, it can still be relevant.
                Can I stay in Germany after the training?
                After successful completion of the vocational training, the residence permit can be extended by up to one year in order to search for a job related to the qualification.
                Is there an upper age limit for the acquisition of vocational training in Germany?
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                Training Visa
                Please fill out the application form below:
                Do you already have a signed vocational training contract with a German employer?
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                Training Visa
                Please fill out the application form below:
                Do you already have a signed vocational training contract with a German employer?
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