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About us

VISARIGHT is an innovative start-up with a clear mission:
Make the process of applying for and obtaining a visa for Germany fast, effortless and affordable.
In order to achieve just that, we employ the newest technologies in the field of Legal Tech combined with migration law specialists. Immigration, priority lane style.
Why us?
We are based in Germany and provide our clients with competent solutions from expert German lawyers, whose knowledge has so far remained inaccessible to foreigners. We are proud to say that now, anywhere in the world, at any time, you have the freedom to consult with our experts.
VISARIGHT is a young team with solid knowledge in visa and migration issues. In our work we value honesty, transparency and simplicity, and this is exactly how we build our product. We have no love for complex, bureaucratic procedures and overwhelming fees, you shouldn't either.
Not only are we extremely well acquainted with the internal visa mechanisms, we also make use of innovative technology to streamline your application. This way, you have the freedom to spend your time and money on more important things. We strive to take the migraine out of migration.
Andreas Kopysov
CEO & Founder
Andreas is a visa expert and founder of VISARIGHT.
He has almost a decade of experience in the consular departments of Germany's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Being thoroughly familiar with all subtleties of the visa process, Andreas knows how to navigate German bureaucracy and get you the desired results.
Dr. Jochen Brandhoff
Jochen is a lawyer, founder of one of the first legal startups in Germany (Jus2click, 1999) and initiator of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress.
Jochen is a mentor and investor of VISARIGHT, provides advise and is a helping hand with the company's strategic development.
Philipp von Bülow
Philipp is a serial-entrepreneur in the field of Legal Tech. With his start-up experience and business acumen he serves as an Advisor to VISARIGHT.
Economist by training and a visionary by trade, Philipp knows how to turn an idea into a successful business and a high-quality product.
Olga Kopysov
Head of Product
Olga is a political scientist by training and savvy in immigration & visa matters.
She leads the product management at VISARIGHT.
In addition, Olga is responsibile for our teams' organization, the optimization of communication with our partners, as well as technical customer support.
Michael A. Wittstock
Legal Research
Michael is a technology enthusiast and law student at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
Besides his studies he is actively involved in Berlin's Legal Tech scene and continuously seeks exposure to the interface of law, business & technology.
Michael joins VISARIGHT as a working student.
Alena Shenberg
Legal Research
Alena studies law at the Free University Berlin.
She specializes in Labour Law and strives to apply those skills in her role at VISARIGHT.
As a working student at our company, Alena is helping us with various legal matters, as well as other tasks related to the development of our product.
Olga Romanova
Project manager
Olga is a certified project manager and scrum master, managing processes and IT development at VISARIGHT. After quitting a manager's position at the bank, Olga focused on consulting and managing various startups and IT projects, delivering them into success stories.
Anton Puko
Lead Developer
Anton is our lead developer, converting concepts and ideas into a working, user-friendly and bug-free tool. Having spent years working in USA startups as a full-stack developer, he obtained outstanding experience and is a true expert in his field.
Nataliia Denisova
UI / UX Designer
Nataliia is a digital graphic designer
with a focus on web and mobile. Convinced
that design has to be user-friendly, attractive,
completely responsive and serve a business
goals at the same time.