About us

VISARIGHT is an innovative startup with a clear mission:
Make obtaining a German visa fast, effortless and affordable by using cutting-edge legal technology and putting insider expertise directly to work for visa applicants because we believe everybody wins when bureaucratic hurdles become obsolete.
Why us?
VISARIGHT is built by insiders — German lawyers and immigration experts who know the country's visa requirements better than anyone. We believe nobody is better equipped to help our customers.
We put customers at the center of everything we do. We realize that for many applicants the visa process can come with considerable anxiety. Don't worry, we've got your back. Our customer success managers accompany you every step of the way. And, if for any reason, we can't fulfill our promises to get visas for eligible applicants, we refund all of our fees.
Honesty, transparency and simplicity: These values lie at the heart of everything VISARIGHT does. They guide our work and shape our product. We're a young team with zero tolerance for complex bureaucratic procedures and overwhelming fees — you shouldn't tolerate them either.
Andreas Kopysov
CEO & Founder
Andreas is a visa expert and founder of VISARIGHT.
He has almost a decade of experience in the consular departments of German Federal Foreign Office. With this deep experience and understanding of all the subtleties of the visa process, Andreas knows how to navigate German bureaucracy and get you the desired results.
Dr. Jochen Brandhoff
Jochen is a lawyer, founder of one of the first legal startups in Germany (Jus2click in 1999) and initiator of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress. Jochen is a mentor and investor of VISARIGHT, provides advice and is a helping hand with the company's strategic development.
Philipp von Bülow
Philipp is a serial entrepreneur in the field of Legal Tech. With his startup experience and business acumen, he serves as an Advisor to VISARIGHT. Economist by training and a visionary by trade, Philipp knows how to turn an idea into a successful business and a high-quality product.
Henning Wolf
Chief Operating Officer
It is said that serving as COO is like riding shotgun. So, metaphorically speaking, VISARIGHT must be a stagecoach giving frightened visa applicants a safe lift through the wilderness of German visa regulations. Meanwhile, Henning is riding along, heavily armed, always ready to use any means necessary to clear the stagecoach's way of obstacles, especially on the dangerous passage towards upscale mountain. And that's exactly what he's set out to do.
Viktoriia Filippova
Customer Success Manager
Viktoriia finds great satisfaction in helping our customers and always keeps this centerstage. Viktoriia's excellent visa and migration knowledge and strong background helps her to make sure everyone's questions and needs are taken care of.
Pavel Radiuk
Customer Success Manager
Pavel has extensive experience in advising clients and solving visa and immigration issues. He is living our "customers first" customer care principle and holds the view that customer support should be swift, transparent and easy to access.
Anton Puko
Lead Developer
Anton is our lead developer, converting concepts and ideas into a working, user-friendly and bug-free tool. Having spent years working in USA startups as a full stack developer, he obtained outstanding experience and is a true expert in his field.
Evgeny Tkachenko
Full Stack Developer
Driven by hard challenges and a desire to make the world better, Evgeny is one of the main engineers behind VISARIGHTs platform and algorithms. Evgeny applies perfect software engineering practices and combines cross-project experience to build amazing software.
Annika Sabel
Legal Assistant
Annika's passion for residence law developed during her studies. She has provided numerous legal services to asylum seekers and gained experience at the Argentinean Honorary Consulate. Her detailed knowledge helps our clients with procedural difficulties and leads to excellent and accelerated service.
Egor Macarov
Chief Marketing Officer
Egor is a results-focused and data-driven marketing leader at the intersection of business and technology. A true one practitioner that understands how to align strategy, marketing/demand generation, and sales to generate leads and grow revenue. He sees the big picture, puts together actionable strategies and drives tactical execution.Egor moved to the Germany in 2017, and went through all the stages of a typical immigration process. Making immigration less painful for applicants is a topic very near and dear to his heart.
Ilya Paranin
UI / UX Designer
UI / UX Designer with 3+ years of experience in designing websites, desktop and web applications. The technology stack includes some of the most popular applications such as Adobe XD, Illustrator, Figma. Result-driven and active, punctual, responsible team work player, always willing to see Customer's point of view and helping them to achieve their goals.

Our independent immigration attorneys
Jan Bornkessel
"Protecting our clients' rights and interests lies at the heart of our work."
Romy Graske
"A successful legal case begins with close cooperation between attorney and client."
Fabian Graske
"The best lawyers rely not only on expertise but also on compassion to serve their clients in the best way possible."