About us

VISARIGHT is an innovative startup with a clear mission:
Make the immigration process to Germany fast, effortless and affordable by using cutting-edge legal technology and putting insider expertise directly to work for visa applicants because we believe everybody wins when bureaucratic hurdles become obsolete.
Why us?
VISARIGHT is built by insiders — German lawyers and immigration experts who know the country's visa requirements better than anyone. We believe nobody is better equipped to help our customers.
We put customers at the center of everything we do. We realize that for many applicants the visa process can come with considerable anxiety. Don't worry, we've got your back. Our customer success managers accompany you every step of the way. And, if for any reason, we can't fulfill our promises to get visas for eligible applicants, we refund all of our fees.
Honesty, transparency and simplicity: These values lie at the heart of everything VISARIGHT does. They guide our work and shape our product. We're a young team with zero tolerance for complex bureaucratic procedures and overwhelming fees — you shouldn't tolerate them either.
  • Philipp
    Philipp is a serial entrepreneur in the field of Legal Tech. With his startup experience and business acumen, he serves as an Advisor to VISARIGHT. Economist by training and a visionary by trade, Philipp knows how to turn an idea into a successful business and a high-quality product.
  • Krystyna
    HR Generalist
    Krystyna is responsible for finding the best talents and creating an effective talent acquisition strategy to ensure that VISARIGHT attracts the most relevant and skilled professionals. Having diverse experience working in international companies, Krystyna knows the secret of successful hiring and makes sure our hiring process is efficient and pleasant for the candidates and hiring teams.
  • Paola
    Social Media and Brand Manager
    Paola is a brand lover and a data geek. With her background with startups in Mexico and her entrepreneurial mindset, she targets to position VISARIGHT on top. She has lived beforehand how complex and bureaucratic the German immigration system is. Her immigration experience inspires her to spread out how smooth and efficient it is to relocate with VISARIGHT.
  • Elina
    Chief Legal Officer
    Elina aims to provide simplicity and transparency in law. As an expert in German immigration law with a heart of "a techie", she speaks the language of both. With her past in advisory and entrepreneurship, Elina makes sure to keep all operations at VISARIGHT legally compliant and efficient.
  • Semyon
    Full Stack Developer
    Semyon is a full stack developer, whose extensive experience and track record drive the development of VISARIGHT's platform for relocation services. As a team player, Semyon is passionate about making valuable contributions and breaking the records in solution delivery and troubleshooting efficiency.
  • Anton
    Lead Developer
    Anton is our lead developer, converting concepts and ideas into a working, user-friendly and bug-free tool. Having spent years working in USA startups as a full stack developer, he obtained outstanding experience and is a true expert in his field.
  • Andreas
    CEO & Founder
    Andreas is a visa expert and founder of VISARIGHT.
    He has almost a decade of experience in the consular departments of German Federal Foreign Office. With this deep experience and understanding of all the subtleties of the visa process, Andreas knows how to navigate German bureaucracy and get you the desired results.
  • Jochen
    Jochen is a lawyer, founder of one of the first legal startups in Germany (Jus2click in 1999) and initiator of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress. Jochen is a mentor and investor of VISARIGHT, provides advice and is a helping hand with the company's strategic development.
  • Alla
    Legal Team Lead
    Alla has not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in obtaining German visas. She is happy to support everyone on their way from the first steps to obtaining a German residence permit.
  • Julia
    Legal Team Lead
    Julia completed her Master’s degree in Business Law in Berlin. As a Team Lead at VISARIGHT, she focuses on supporting the customer success team in operational and legal affairs as well as through research into migration law. Through VISARIGHT, Julia discovered her great interest in this field of law and sees it as a personal challenge to further develop her knowledge every day, in order to make the migration process of clients legally secure.
  • Philipp
    Customer Success Specialist
    With previous experience in the German visa process and customer support, Philipp has gained an advanced knowledge basis, which allows him to precisely define ways to communicate with customers and curate their immigration process in its entirety.
  • Biran
    Legal Team Lead
    Biran has a vast experience in corporate immigration and customer service. He has got first-hand experience in liaising with diplomatic missions for visas and consular services. He listens to his customers and provides the most pragmatic approaches to make relocation a seamless experience to our valuable clients.
  • Maria
    Team Lead Destinations
    Maria has a lot of experience in working with clients from all over the world, that’s why she easily gets along with people, and has strong negotiation skills.
    Knowledge of foreign languages allows her to travel often and live in different countries (Germany, China, Turkey). Owing to this, she has an excellent idea of how the real estate market works in the world. Adopting the best knowledge and skills, she has been helping people with a great pleasure and, of course, clients of VISARIGHT.
  • Nataliya
    Customer Success Manager
    Nataliya has over ten years experience at the German Mission in Consular Services, as well as an extensive international travelling background that has allowed her to learn about the complexities of bureaucratic procedures. In a constitutional state it is almost impossible to avoid bureaucracy, but its presence inspires Nataliya to support customers on their journey through the relocation process and to make their experience as smooth and positive as possible.
  • Darya
    Customer Success Specialist
    Having extensive experience in customer support, Darya is always interested in building partnerships with customers and finding the most successful solution for the relocation process. She is very attentive to customers' needs and handles cases with great care.

Our independent immigration attorneys
  • Eva Witt
    "Through my specialisation in German migration law, and extensive experience, I will assess all possibilities that apply to your situation. Together we can find a tailored and cost effective solution for your immigration needs."
  • Jan Bornkessel
    "Protecting our clients' rights and interests lies at the heart of our work."
  • Dr. Julia Uznanski
    "As a German-qualified attorney and Certified Employment Law Specialist, I advise on all aspects of German labour migration law."