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What is an au-pair?

Au pairs are young foreigners who live with a host family and help with childcare and housework. In return, the host family provides accommodation, food and an allowance. Host families also contribute towards the cost of German language courses.

The main attraction of becoming an au pair is to experience the language and culture of your host country. You will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and be given an unforgettable experience.

In the Au Pair Visa procedure, the authorities are checking first and foremost the plausibility of your application and your willingness to return to your home country at the conclusion of your time as an au pair. As an au pair, you can be granted a visa to live in Germany for up to 12 months.
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• Between the age of 18 and 26
• German knowledge of at least A1 level
• Positive return forecast
• Not related to the host family
• The host family primarily speaks German
• Applicant's home country isn't the same as the host family's
• Be sure to prepare for the visa interview. You will be asked about your motivation to become an au pair and the arrangement you've negotiated with your host family. Naturally, you may be asked about the host family's children.
• If you do not pass the language exam during the visa interview, you can retake the exam within one month.
• Make sure you make an appointment with the German consulate in your country well ahead of time, otherwise the application process can be delayed.
• The initial visa issued by the German consulate in your country will expire after three months. Don't worry, you will apply for the residence permit covering the full duration of your stay at the local immigration office in Germany shortly after you have entered the country.
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"VISARIGHT provided me with a visa process that was low on stress, time and bureaucracy. I am especially fascinated with the personal support as it felt VISARIGHT had my back the entirety of the process and were very willing to respond to any of my doubts. They truly are experts in their field and it shows."
Software Engineer @ SoniQ Services GmbH
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a visa to enter Germany?
Citizens of certain countries can enter Germany without a visa. If you enter Germany without a visa, you will need to apply for the Blue Card at the relevant immigration authority within 3 months. Whether you will need a visa to enter Germany for your intended purpose of stay will be automatically evaluated within the digital workflow.
How long is the au-pair visa valid for?
The minimum stay in Germany is 6 months. The maximum length is 12 months.
How long does the application take?
The final duration depends, in particular, on the country of origin or the capacity of the diplomatic mission concerned, as well as on individual conditions, and may therefore vary from case to case.
Can I travel within the EU?
Yes, you may travel freely within the entire Schengen area.
How can I prove my knowledge of German?
In order to prove your knowledge of German, you must present an A1 language certificate or prove your knowledge at an interview at the German mission abroad.
How do I find a host family?
There are several ways to find a suitable host family:
  1. You can try to find a family yourself. There are many online platforms where you can publish your profile or search and find profiles of registered host families.
  2. You can contact an agency to help you find a family. You should be very careful here. There are many dubious intermediaries who offer their services at inflated prices and give little guarantees. VISARIGHT recommends that you only contact agencies that are certified with the RAL Quality Mark.
What are the responsibilities of the host family?
  • Coverage of health insurance for the entire stay
  • Payment of an allowance of 260 € per month
  • Financial contribution of 50 € per month for a German language course
  • Provision of a separate room and meals
  • Granting of at least one free day and four free evenings per week
  • Paid holiday of 4 weeks (for stays of less than one year: 2 working days per month)
Which insurance policies have to be taken out and who bears the costs?
Since an au-pair is not subject to social insurance in Germany, the host family must take out health and accident insurance for him or her.
Who bears the costs for the trip to Germany?
This depends on the wishes and financial means of the host family. As a rule, the costs for the journey to the family residence are borne by the au-pair.
What happens if there are problems with the host family?
As a rule, most problems can be solved through open dialogue. Remember that an au-pair is not a cheap domestic worker! You don't have to cook for the whole family or take care of the whole household.

If a situation cannot be solved by dialogue, you can contact your au-pair agency (if available) or a non-governmental organisation such as Au-pair Hilfe e.V.. The support is free of charge as the organisation is not profit-oriented and is financed by donations.

In case of problems with the foreigners authority the VISARIGHT experts will help you navigate any issues.
Can I come to Germany several times for an au pair stay?
An au-pair stay in Germany is generally only possible once. Exceptions to this rule are only possible in individual cases when an au-pair's stay in Germany has been interrupted due to problems with the host family (and no reassignment could take place) or the au-pair had to return temporarily to his or her home country due to urgent (e.g. family) reasons. A further au-pair stay in another country is possible and depends on the right of residence there.
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