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Pavel Radyuk, Customer Success Manager at VISARIGHT
12 October 2019 · 5-minute read
Germany has become a popular destination for immigrants with more than 18.6 million people with a migratory background living here.
Prevailing statistics
Germany is one of the leading countries for immigration. And there is no coincidence. Germany has long attracted skilled professionals. It is a multinational country with a high standard of living and rich traditions in education and science.

Germany offers various immigration opportunities specifically for highly qualified specialists. The EU Blue Card program gives the right to apply for a temporary (and later for a permanent) residence permit and get the right to work. Receipt of the Blue Card guarantees its owner high wages and decent living conditions.

It should be noted that the lion's share of those working in Germany on the Blue Card terms are IT specialists. People of this profession are most in demand in Germany, and this country is ready to offer a good standard of living for specialists and their families. If you are still in doubt whether or not to immigrate to Germany for life and work, then this article will help you make the right decision.
The language barrier
Some people do not consider Germany as a country for immigration because of the language barrier. Certainly, knowledge of the language of the country of residence is a big plus, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, fluency in English is enough to work as a highly qualified specialist in Germany.

For most Germans, English is the second commonly used language. Therefore, upon arrival in Germany, employees of some government agencies can communicate in English. Most materials with important information for new residents are also duplicated in English.

Most importantly, major international corporations that employ EU Blue Card holders have a big number of foreign workers. Therefore, these enterprises usually have English as the official language of internal communication.

Due to this ratio of foreigners and Germans in important sectors of the economy, the policy of the German authorities in relation to highly qualified specialists is quite loyal.

The right to live and work in Germany is received not only by the highly qualified specialist, but also by the spouse. Moreover, family members of the EU Blue Card recipient are also exempted from taking any exams to obtain a residence permit.

After getting a job, all family members of a highly qualified specialist receive full-fledged health insurance.

Moreover, the amount of deduction from wages for health insurance does not depend on the number of family members of the EU Blue Card employee. Every month a fixed amount is deducted from the salary and all family members of a highly qualified specialist can enjoy the benefits of German medicine. By the way, many doctors in Germany are also fluent in English.
People in Germany
Germans are quite tolerant people as they usually treat representatives of different nationalities equally well. In everyday life, a foreigner will not encounter a negative attitude towards himself or herself just because s/he is not German. This applies to both adults and children.
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Education for family members
Special attention is paid to the children of foreigners in German schools. The German authorities are well aware that the welfare of the entire German society depends on how quickly and fully foreigners can integrate. Therefore, children who do not speak German have the opportunity to take additional language classes and participate in various extracurricular activities at school.

Children go to school regardless of the level of knowledge of the German language. German teachers proceed from the fact that a child will learn the language most quickly by studying in a regular class. And it works. Almost all children who immigrate to Germany with their parents begin to communicate in German after 3-4 months of such integration at school or kindergarten.

German standard education is one of the best in Europe and is available to everyone. Higher education in Germany is free for both Germans and citizens of other countries. Therefore, after arrival for permanent residence in Germany, you can be sure that, if desired, your child will receive a decent education that is recognized aound the world.
Standard of living
The standard of living in Germany has remained high for several decades, while crime is noticeable only in large cities. If we talk about small cities, the crime rate there tends to zero.

Germany is a recognized leader in environmental protection.

Great attention is paid to the environmental issues in the country. Therefore, residents of Germany are guaranteed environmentally friendly living. The authorities strictly monitor emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and water. Almost all bodies of water in Germany are suitable for fish farming and swimming. All cities have green park areas and, in almost all cities, vehicles are prohibited from entering the city center.
Иммиграция в Германию
Pavel Radyuk
Customer Success Manager at VISARIGHT
12 October 2019
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