Job Seeker Visa for Germany

Pavel Radyuk, Customer Success Manager at VISARIGHT
21 September 2020 · 5-minute read
Germany is one of the favorite countries for employment among immigrants. This is not surprising, since economic and political stability have a beneficial effect on the labor market in the country.
Is it possible to move to Germany before getting an employment contract with a German employer? What are the features of applying for a visa to find a job in Germany? What are the requirements for Job Seeker Visa applicants? These questions are of concern to many specialists who want to move to Germany for permanent residence. Let's figure out together what are the prospects for a jobseeker upon arrival in Germany.
What is a Job Seeker Visa for Germany?
For a few years, only foreign applicants with higher education have had an opportunity to apply for a special visa and look for work in Germany for 6 months. Since March 2020, it has also been provided for specialists with secondary technical and vocational education from other countries.

Job Seeker Visa is a long-term category D national visa to Germany. It is obtained from a German embassy or consulate in the city closest to your residence. The processing time for applications for such a visa varies. Therefore, your relocation to Germany must be planned in advance.
What benefits does a German Job Seeker Visa provide?
Let's take a closer look.
  • Vacancies in your specialty
    The opportunity to register with the German labor market and receive additional information about all existing vacancies in your specialty.
  • Face-to-face interviews
    The opportunity to attend face-to-face interviews with German employers.
  • Applying through the local Immigration Office
    Once offered a position, opportunity to apply for a work visa through the local Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde) in the German city in which you settle.
  • Trial work
    The opportunity to show your skills to the preferred employer through a ten hours trial work.
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Features of a Job Seeker Visa
Germany is experiencing an acute shortage of qualified personnel in various professions and specialties. German employers cannot find the right workers, not only among local residents, but also among citizens of other EU member states.

The following features of obtaining a visa to look for work in Germany should be noted:

  • The program is available for highly qualified specialists with higher education, as well as with secondary technical and vocational education.

  • The interview at the German consulate is conducted in German, so the applicant must have at least B1 level of the language.

  • Official employment in the Federal Republic of Germany is possible only in the specialty specified in the diploma.

  • A diploma or education certificate must meet German education standards through official recognition.

  • The holder of a Job Seeker Visa in Germany may engage in work activity for up to 10 hours per week until the conclusion of an employment contract.

  • It is necessary to provide financial guarantees for the period of stay in Germany. In 2020, the visa holder must have a minimum of 853 euros per month to pay for rent, food, transport and telecommunications.

  • Jobseekers must get a health insurance policy. Since we are talking about a foreigner who has not yet received a residence permit, it is necessary to take out travel medical insurance for the period of stay.
All the conditions and peculiarities of obtaining a visa for finding a job are specified in the German Residence Act § 20 AufenthG
Additional Information
In standard cases, a Category D national visa for job search has a validity of 90 days. In this case, its owner will have to contact the local Immigration office in order to extend it for another 90 days. There are times when the issued visa is valid immediately for 6 months.

If the search for a job does not bring results within 6 months, the foreigner is obliged to leave the country. However, there is an opportunity to repeat the whole process again after another 6 months.
Pavel Radyuk
Customer Success Manager at VISARIGHT
21 September 2020
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