Fast-Track Relocation & Visa to Germany

Helping businesses navigate the German immigration system

Easy to set up, no credit card required

Fast-Track Relocation & Visa to Germany

Helping businesses navigate the German immigration system

Easy to set up, no credit card required

How it works
Employee invite
Easily invite new employees and give them a head start on their visa application.
Go paperless
Paperless is effortless. Immigration managed in a single platform.
Progress dashboard
Get comprehensive, real-time feedback about your candidates current progress.
Your one-stop shop for a successful immigration process
Streamline your relocation process and onboard employees faster.
Trusted by great companies

What the numbers say
Cut rate
We developed an automated visa application process in collaboration with the best German immigration lawyers; making it more affordable and right at your fingertips.
When you've identified the right talent, we help you get them on board faster. Our simple and easy-to-understand interface will guide candidates through the immigration process.
Visa eligibility is a science we understand. Our algorithm will automatically score the application inputs, so you'll always get bulletproof assurances of your applicants' chances.

Faster processing times, so your new hires can start contributing sooner.

Faster processing times, so your new hires can start contributing sooner.
Real customers, real stories
Jessica Mohl
Human Resources @ Automobili Pininfarina
"Business at Automobili Pininfarina is as fast-paced as our revolutionary pure-electric cars. In VISARIGHT, we have a supplier that understands our philosophy and ensures we stay ahead of the competition."
Jose Rodriguez
Software Developer @ Personio
"VISARIGHT provided me with a visa process that was low on stress, time and bureaucracy. I am especially fascinated with the personal support as it felt VISARIGHT had my back the entirety of the process and were very willing to respond to any of my doubts. They truly are experts in their field and it shows."
Stefan Wörner
Head of Product Development @ Aeroscan
„VISARIGHT did an outstanding job helping us to hire a programmer from Kasachstan in no time. Andreas and his team were super responsive & informative so that we always had peace of mind during the process. We will definitely hire VISARIGHT again."
Real customers, real stories

Let us make it easy for you:
German Lawyers
Our partner attorneys are all highly-skilled and fully-certified German lawyers.
Digital Tools
Simple, intuitive and reliable online tools that work across all desktop and mobile devices.
Experienced Team
We have accumulated first-hand experience during years spent working in the immigration system.
Fully Transparent Pricing
We offer fixed prices for all our services - no hidden extras, no secret sell-ups, no unwelcome surprises.

Straight-forward, no hidden fees, no subscription fees.
✔ Eligibility Check

✔ Visa Complete Service

✔ Appointment Service

✔ No Upfront Payments

✔ Dedicated Manager

✔ Residence Permit

✔ Residence Registration
549,00 €

100% Money-back Guarantee

Easy to set up, no credit card required
Flat rate:

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I determine the eligibility of my candidate?
Our proprietary VISARIGHT eligibility check is especially designed to test an applicants general chances of success upfront. After signing up to our service and inviting a candidate, the eligibility check will be completed. You'll thus have instant feedback on your candidates visa chances. Best of all: It's free - you only pay after the visa has been granted.
How much time will the visa application take?
Signing up to our platform, inviting a candidate and filling out the digital smart-forms will only take a few minutes. Once this is complete VISARIGHT will do everything to ensure a speedy procedure. We have several ways of doing this (automated pre-check requests, digital appointment booking service etc.). Note however, that the ultimate duration depends on the type of visa, the country of origin and the individual candidate and can thus vary from case to case. Most cases which are processed through VISARIGHT take about 3-4 weeks in total.
Do you offer any kind of discount?
Yes, we depending on the recurring number of cases processed through our service we can offer discounts. We also love to support startups with special discounts.
What other benefits do I have as an employer?
As an employer using our service you will have access to our digital employer dashboard. You will thus be provided a comprehensive overview over your candidates visa application progress with real-time feedback. Additionally, you have the option to invite new candidates and easily follow your new hires' visa and relocation process.
Do you also offer housing related services for the employee?
Yes, we work with specialized partners who provide assistance in housing and apartment search services as well as related supporting services. For now, this service is only available in select cities. For more information, please contact us via one of the available forms.
Is VISARIGHT a law firm?
No. Although we have various partner attorneys we work with, VISARIGHT itself is neither a law firm, nor does it offer any legal services. We simply provide you with digital tools and automated workflows to empower you on your immigration journey. Should you require case specific legal advice, we are happy to connect you to our partner attorneys.
  • German lawyers
  • Experienced team with years of visa-expertise
  • Free eligibility check
  • Faster procedure due to automation
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Even more reasons: About

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