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The German state isn't interested in splitting up families ‒ even when national borders come in the way. The country offers a visa aimed at reuniting parents and children, the Family Reunion Visa.

The exact requirements for the visa depend on your specific situation: your and your child's nationality; and the age of your children. In most cases, the visa reunites parents and underage children. In some cases, the visa can also be applied to unborn children.

Germany's immigraiton authorities will want to see documents proving that your situation matches the visa's requirements. Legal hurdles that could delay or even jeopardize completely your visa application can pop up along the way. All too often, the process can mean lots of time, energy and stress.

Don't worry! VISARIGHT is here to help. Our mission is to take the stress out of the German visa process ‒ and to make sure your visa application reaches a successful conclusion as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Stressful, confusing, tedious — those are words we usually hear used to describe the German visa process. VISARIGHT is here to change that. From now on, you can forget about annoying red tape and endless waiting. Save time and focus on more important things — we'll take care of your visa.

Our platform will automatically score your immigration chances, prepare your application and assemble all documents precisely how immigration officials want to see them. And where our algorithms are not enough, your personal customer success manager is ready to step in. Preparation of documents, arrangement of appointments, communication with authorities — VISARIGHT is here to help with every step of your visa process.

Please note that separate applications must be submitted to the German missions abroad for each family member.

Being able to prove the parent-child relationship -- and show that the parent in question is entitled to custody of the child -- is an essential element of the Family Reunion Visa. For parents who appear on their children's birth certificates, this part of the process will be easy. Otherwise VISARIGHT is here to help come up with other solutions.

In certain cases, your visa application may lead to an ad hoc decision from the authorities. Simply put: If your application hinges on a claim of exceptional hardship, for example, officials will review your file and make a judgment call. If your application follows this route, your documentation will need to be especially thorough.

If you are a German national returning from a long period abroad, you will profit from more relaxed European regulations governing visas to reunite parents and children.

If you or your child have nationality from a non-European country, your application will need to include proof that you can support yourself and your child in Germany according to German standards.

In many cases financial responsibility between a parent and child plays a role in the application. If you are a European adult and are trying to bring your parents from a country where citizens need a visa to live in Germany, you are required to take financial responsibility for your parent upon his or her arrival in Germany. In the case of underage European children, parents are financially responsible for their children.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there an age limit for children who can be brought to Germany?
  • Usually 18 is the limit.
  • For family reunion with European nationals, the limit is 21.
  • For children from non-European countries, children under 16 will have the easiest time with the application. Children between 16 and 18 will face a higher bar.
Which age is relevant for the visa application? Time of application? Time of arrival? Something else?
Relevant is the time of application. VISARIGHT recommends applying as early as possible because applications involving younger children have better chances of success.
I'm not a European citizen. Neither is my child. But my child is living in Germany on a long-term residence permit. Am I allowed to reunite with my child?
  • In cases like these, officials at the German consulate in your country will reach an ad hoc decision. They'll be looking for evidence of exceptional hardship or other concrete reasons why you and your child need to reunite in Germany.
  • Exceptions arise if your underage child was granted a German residence permit for humanitarian reasons.
I'm a minor child and I'd like to immigrate to Germany alone to join one of my parents. Do I need written consent from the other parent who is staying behind?
Yes. If you're immigrating to Germany alone ‒ and one of your parents is remaining in your home country ‒ you will need to prove that you have that parent's consent as part of your visa application.
What's the soonest parents to an unborn child can reunite in Germany?
  • Expectant fathers can usually reunite with their children starting from the child's due date.
  • In the case of risky pregnancies, exceptions can be made.
  • Pregnant mothers can immigrate to join the expectant father between the 4th and 7th month of pregnancy.
What counts as a secure livelihood?
German officials consider one's livelihood secure as long as the person and all the family members that live with him or her don't require state support.
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Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA). This includes all EU member states, as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.
Income is considered sufficient if a citizen living in the Federal Republic of Germany does not have a claim on state benefits or social assistance.