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Job Seeker Visa
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What is the job seeker visa?

Foreign university graduates have the opportunity to obtain a job seeker visa. The job seeker visa gives you the opportunity to search for a job in Germany that matches your qualifications for a period of up to six months. In addition to the applicant's qualifications, proof of financing of the stay must also be provided. It is not permitted to take up employment during the job search period. If an employer is found within half a year, the applicant does not have to leave Germany again, but can apply for the required residence permit directly in Germany.

The granting of a visa for job search is a discretionary decision by the authorities. In order to positively influence the outcome of the visa procedure, the intention to find a job in Germany should therefore be stated clearly in the letter of motivation and in the documents justifying the application.
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Job Seeker Visa Requirements

  • A German or recognized foreign university degree
  • Motivation & plausibility
  • Basically no language skills required
  • Proof of financial means


      • Submit a detailed letter of motivation explaining your motives, the plans for your stay, your place of stay and accommodation.
      • Make sure you make an appointment with the responsible foreign mission well ahead of time, otherwise the application process can be delayed
      • Check which of your documents need to be legalised or translated.
      • Remember that your may only be reissued after a set waiting period.
      • Contact potential employers in advance and arrange interviews. Evidence of this can underline your motivation.

        How to get Job Seeker Visa for Germany

        Documents for Job Seeker Visa

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        VISARIGHT helps to realize a smooth visa procedure. Applicants can effortlessly check their chances of success using a scoring algorithm and have their application data automatically validated. Our platform also offers comprehensive overview functions. We create all application documents for you and provide you with a personal contact person at all times throughout the entire process. In addition, we help to secure a timely visa appointment and support you with services after arrival in Germany (e.g. with the future residence permit or residence registration).
        In individual cases or depending on the requirements of the competent diplomatic mission, further documents may be required over the course of the visa procedure.
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        Frequently Asked Questions
        Do I even need a visa?
        Citizens of some countries can enter Germany without a visa. Subsequently, one must apply for the Blue Card within three months of entering Germany at the relevant immigration authority.
        What happens if no job is found during the stay?
        If a suitable job is found within 6 months of entry, the applicant does not have to leave the country. If this is not the case, an extension is not possible. If the job search is unsuccessful, the applicant must therefore leave the country and, if necessary (after a set waiting period), reapply for a visa.
        Is gainful employment permitted during the job search?
        How can I prove that I have the required financial means?
        There are various ways of proving one's financial independence:
        • Bank account balances
        • Declaration of commitment by a "sponsor"
        • Blocked account
        How high must my bank balance be?
        The minimum amount to be proved is 853 EUR per month of stay.
        Can I enter the country for less than 6 months?
        Yes, in this case the financial means to be proven must also be lower.
        Can I take my family along?
        The job seeker visa does not constitute a residence permit allowing family reunification. If the applicant finds an employer within this period, he or she can apply for family reunification.
        Do language skills have to be proven?
        Language skills are not necessarily required. Within the scope of the examination, however, language skills may become relevant depending on the information provided by the applicant. However, German language skills are unavoidable in certain occupational fields or work contexts.
        Do I have to provide proof of scheduled interviews?
        Such evidence does not necessarily have to be provided, but can reinforce the relevance and plausibility of the application.
        Is my foreign educational qualification recognized in Germany?
        Whether your university degree is recognised will be checked during our Eligibility Check. The check is free of charge.
        Will VISARIGHT help me with job offers?
        We will not offer any particular job offers, but we will provide a detailed and exclusive guide for the job search in Germany.
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