Marriage Visa for Germany

Everything you need to know about a Marriage Visa for Germany.

Choosing a place for marriage
Marriage for the purpose of permanent residency in Germany is perhaps the most comfortable option for immigration. In this case, the change of the country of residence will be accompanied by the presence of a close person who will acquaint you with all the national, cultural and bureaucratic features of your new place of residence, as well as help you enter a new social circle, which will certainly benefit the life of the arriving spouse in Germany.
Provides one with the opportunity to marry and stay in the country
During marriage registration, one spouse is immediately granted the right to take the other's name
A visa for the reunification of the future spouses or "Bride's Visa" is necessary if you plan to marry a citizen permanently residing in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. There are several options for marriage and later relocation to Germany. All of them have their own nuances, merits and difficulties and should be selected, based on the particular circumstances. The decisive factors in choosing the place of marriage are the nationality of the spouse living in Germany and their financial viability. Additionally, there are other conditions. Our eligibility check will determine whether the basic requirements for the relevant visa are met. We also provide free recommendations for further action.
Comparison of marriage options
1. Marriage Registration in Germany
If one decides to marry in Germany, they will need a so-called "Bride's Visa". They need to have a permission to marry, issued by the German registry office at the place where the future spouse(s) are registered, as well as documents for reunification. In addition, applicants need a German language certificate at A1 level.
    Evidence of the financial independence of the future spouse is needed
    Sometimes long waiting times for the marriage
        A marriage in Denmark is automatically recognized in Germany as a minimum set of documents
        Minimal amount of documents required.
        2. Marriage Registration in Denmark
        One of the most popular places to marry is Denmark. And not without reason! Thanks to the quick and easy procedure, this country has even been called the "European Las Vegas".
        One spouse cannot immediately take the other's surname - a separate legal procedure is necessary in Germany
        Marriage outside of Germany does not allow one to immediately move to the spouse — applicants will need to leave the country and then apply for a family reunion visa
            Short waiting times
            Possibility to attend the wedding on a Schengen visa
            Financial independence of the future spouse is not important to register the marriage
            It can be much easier to organize the marriage in your homeland
            The cost of marriage might be lower
            3. Marriage Registration in home country
            Many future spouses choose this option because they want to celebrate this important event near their family and friends. After marriage, a Family Reunification Visa may be issued.
              Marriage certificates must be translated into German and apostilled
              The foreign spouse will need a Visa to enter the country of marriage, as well as the translation of documents into the foreign language
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                    Frequently Asked Questions
                    I am a student, I am in Germany on a national visa and I want to marry a German citizen. Will I need to go home to change my visa after registering a marriage?
                    No, because you have a residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel). You do not need to leave Germany after the marriage.
                    Can I register a marriage in Germany, being there for a Schengen visa?
                    This you need to clarify with the local registry office at your place of registration. If the registry office agrees to register your marriage on a Schengen visa, after registering you will have to leave Germany and go through the procedure of reuniting with your spouse and obtaining a national visa in your home country.
                    In the list of documents is a certificate of legal capacity to marry. Where can I get this?
                    This certificate can be obtained in Germany, at the embassy of your home country or at the local authorities in the country of residence.
                    We want to get married in Germany. Where do we start?
                    A partner residing in Germany must contact the registry office at the their place of registration and receive a list of documents for marriage. Depending on the registry office, these lists may vary.
                    I heard that when receiving a Marriage Visa or during family reunification process there can be a check for a fake marriage. In which cases does this happen, how often and is it necessary to somehow prepare?
                    If an official is suspicious of the fictitious nature of your marriage, then there is indeed a chance that you will be called in for an interview and asked a number of questions in order to determine the degree of closeness of your relationship. It is important to respond calmly and positively to the interview, and most importantly, to tell the truth.
                    There was a denial of my short-term visitor visa. Now I am applying for a Marriage Visa. Can my request be refused?
                    If all the documents are in order and the future spouses meet the necessary requirements, then there are no obstacles to obtaining a visa.
                    Do I have to change my last name when registering a marriage? Can I keep by maiden name?
                    Surname change is optional. You can also, when entering into a marriage in Germany, "postpone" the decision to take the spouse's name. This will help you avoid possible complications due to the "invalidity" of your passport when contacting German officials.
                    Do I need medical insurance?
                    Yes, you will need to obtain health insurance for the first weeks of your stay in Germany (provided that you later acquire a health insurance contract in Germany or have an already existent one). Medical insurance for the first weeks of your stay in Germany can be arranged through VISARIGHT at a discount.
                    A foreigner is often required to have "sufficient income." How much are we talking about?
                    Revenues are considered sufficient if a foreigner and family members living with him have no claim on state benefits. In other words, his income (after paying rent) must exceed the limit below which your family would be eligible for state benefits.
                    Financial viability is considered sufficient if a citizen living in the Federal Republic of Germany does not have a claim on state benefits or social assistance.
                    Marriage Visa
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                    Marriage Visa
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                    Marriage Visa
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