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Relocation Bundle

  • Employment Visa
  • Residence registration
  • Residence permit
  • Bank account settlement
  • Health insurance

Internship Visa Standalone

Once your candidate has received an offer letter, they are ready to start your migration process! Through our well-structured platform, you can visualize all the steps to complete your procedure. Additionally, our specialists are in constant communication with you. Start navigating stress-free with VISARIGHT!

Permanent Settlement Permit

If the non-national employee has lived in Germany for at least five years, and decided to stay indefinitely here. VISARIGHT makes your application a pleasant experience by removing all the bureaucratic hurdles in the way.

Change of Purpose of Stay

Employees may require a change of legal purpose of stay (e.g. from a student to an employment status) before they are allowed to take on employment in Germany. If this is the case, VISARIGHT experts will prepare all necessary documents and arrange a smooth transition of your new hire to employment.

Change of Employer

In certain cases, when a non-national employee changes employers, the authorities must first grant permission. Should the working conditions have changed, it may also be necessary to involve different authorities. We take care of the formalities - you enjoy expert guidance every step of the way.

Schengen Visa Standalone

Our team of experienced legal professionals is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex process of applying for a Schengen visa, from gathering and preparing the necessary documents to booking appointments with respective authority. We offer personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Residence Permit Extension

Your employee needs to extend their residence permit, but don't want to deal with all the paperwork? Allowing us to handle your Residence Permit Extension will allow you more time for what really matters in life.

Employment Visa Standalone

Once you've identified the right talent, we help you get them on board faster. Our simple and easy-to-understand interface guides candidates through each step of the immigration process.

Residence Permit Standalone

Candidates will need to apply both for a visa to enter Germany and a residence permit to live and work in the country. We handle both steps seamlessly through an intuitive digital workflow, integrated in a user-friendly dashboard.

Residence Registration Standalone

After arrival in Germany, your employees will need to register their residence. VISARIGHT obtains the relevant appointment, assembles the documents and paves the way for them.

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Fast-track procedure

Accelerate the visa procurement process with involvement of the German Foreigner's Office. VISARIGHT will take care of formalities and help receive a so-called pre-approval, with which a Diplomatic Mission will be obligated to issue an appointment for the visa application interview within three weeks.

Recognition of education

In most cases, non-national applicants need to prove that their qualifications meet German standards before undertaking employment in Germany. VISARIGHT may assist your new employees with the procedure of foreign qualification recognition and take away the stress of communications with responsible government agencies.

Application of a German Driver's License

Should your employees require assistance with obtaining a German driver's license or exchanging their current ones to German, our VISARIGHT team will have them covered. Our user-friendly platform makes the experience simple, fast and accurate.

Child Benefit (Kindergeld)

If the employee resides in Germany and has children, the German government provides financial aid to support families. We take care of the application, so the applicant can take care of providing a good life and bright future to their little ones.

Tax Class Change

Whether the employee changes their marital status, becomes a parent, or changes their working activities, they must change their tax class. We deal with the responsible authorities and make a legal review of the preconditions, so the employee can enjoy their new transition.

Transfer of a Residence Permit to a new passport

If the employee has a valid residence permit for at least six months, but has received a new passport, then the residence permit should be reissued. Start the procedure securely and hurdle-free with VISARIGHT!

Relocation of the first animal (pet): dog, cat, ferret

Dogs, cats and ferrets might relocate to Germany together with their owners after providing an accurate list of documents according to the given preconditions of the pet. VISARIGHT team guides you smoothly, so you could relocate with your four-legged beloved one!

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We are happy to support you in navigating lease contracts, scheduling appointments, and taking care of facilities providers. Let us take care of your welcoming new home, so you can fully concentrate on your new employment and all the fun things your new city has to offer.
Looking for a place to live?
Temporary Apartment Package
Our experts will find a suitable apartment for your candidate. This way your new employee can settle into their new working environment in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Our apartment package includes: booking of a temporary apartment based on previously discussed criteria; help with the lease contract, translation, deposit and move in; landlord confirmation.
Permanent apartment package
Delegate your employees' permanent apartment search to the experts at VISARIGHT. Your new hires will avoid the hassle of finding a permanent home and will focus on enjoying their life in Germany. Our apartment package includes: preparation of required documents; processing of inquiries and coordinating apartment viewings; submission of applications and finalization of offers; organization of apartment handover and registration of a new address (Anmeldung).
Apartment Bundle
Temporary apartment package

Permanent apartment package
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Connect face-to-face with an immigration lawyer to discuss your case.
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Connect with one of our attorneys, and address your concerns and legal questions. Our attorneys will assess you according to your case needs providing concrete answers to your questions.
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Join a one-on-one consultation with a tax expert to go over your specific situation.
Tax advisor on demand
Our team of experienced tax advisors can connect with you face-to-face to provide straightforward navigation over the German tax system and look into your specific context to answer all your inquiries.
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