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Karinna Jokers
bloopark systems gmbh
Jessica Monhl
Automobili Pininfarina
Katja Geisler
Funto Koya
Funto Koya
Sometimes we have non-standard immigration cases that require immediate and tailored solutions. Funto Koya, a Master's student in Germany, required a time-sensitive assistance in changing visa statuses several times during times of uncertainty. With VISARIGHT, Funto Koya was able to gain better understanding of the German immigration processes and complete her relocation within the required timeline.
Katja Geisler
Phiture is a Berlin-based multi-award-winning mobile growth consultancy working with the teams behind leading apps. With one of the company’s key missions to become a hub for talented minds in the mobile growth industry, Phiture’s partnership with VISARIGHT has helped the company hire people from around the world with as little friction as possible. Phiture has also made its onboarding processes a lot more efficient while having full visibility of the visa procurement and empowering new hires at every step of their relocation.
Karinna Jokers
bloopark systems gmbh
Bloopark systems GmbH is a certified Oddo Agency with headquarters in Magdeburg. They digitize the middle size companies in Germany through holistic, functional, and intuitive ERP systems. With VISARIGHT support, bloopark systems reduced the time of the immigration process by 50%. And they were able to keep track of the tasks through the VISARIGHT platform. In addition, their new international hires felt relieved by the smoothness of their relocation process.
Jessica Monhl
Automobili Pininfarina is a luxury electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany, with roots in Italian car design firm and coachbuilder Pininfarina SpA. With VISARIGHT, Automobili Pininfarina has made a breakthrough in improving HR processes. By streamlining the movement of employees, they were able to shorten the recruitment and adaptation cycle. They also use VISARIGHT's HR dashboard to harmonize support for their employees and equip them with a trusted partner during the move.
Other Reviews
Revolut LTD
e.pilot GmbH
Python Software Engineer
Software Engineer
"Service in its best appearance! I was pleased to work with VISARIGHT as they had answers for all my questions (sometimes even not related to their direct obligations). And they know how to solve the problem..."
Serhei Volianiuk
“When I was getting into the process of applying for the visa, many other friends were going through the same process. Social media used to be full of both happy and unhappy news. However, for me, I had to go through none of these experiences, VISARIGHT too..."
Nishu Goel
Navitas Germany GmbH
IT Support Technician
"I had decided to relocate to Germany at the worst time this year, during Brexit and COVID regulations. But with the massive support of VISARIGHT it made my move over to Germany stress free. I never had to worry about getting my visa or registration paperwork sorted..."
Kiran Thomson
Zalando SE
Sales Development Representative
Engineering Manager - Product Experience
From the moment I was put in contact with VISARIGHT by my company I knew I was in goods hands. Having moved country twice previously, I knew how daunting it can be to manage the bureaucratic hurdles. Any of those worries were removed when I saw how professionally, straight forward..."
Graeme James Lavender
“VISARIGHT are very professional experts who made the process super easy for me and my family. They clarified all the gray areas, provided detailed information, and replied to all my emails on time. They prepared all the required documents, chased for the appointments, and organized..."
Kutlu Lutfu Kartal
Senior Product Marketing Manager
“I am extremely happy with the services provided by VISARIGHT. My case was a bit complicated and there were unexpected sudden challenges from the consulate which VISARIGHT helped me handle with great support and expertise. My family felt safe and lucky with how organized and capable the team is..."
Yan Yan Lyu
Phiture GmbH
audibene GmbH
Senior Performance Marketing Consultant
Senior Microsoft Navision Developer
“VISARIGHT support has been instrumental throughout my relocation to Germany. The team provided everything I needed from ongoing apartment searches, registration appointments and direction for proper documentation. I received amazing support over the course of 6+ months..."
Natalie Rozenblat
“How can you describe working with VISARIGHT in one word? You can’t. The way they perform is so precise, accurate, fast and with respect so they deserve much more than one word.They tackle even the most complicated processes regarding immigration with ease, even in these challenging times..."
David Maravic
Zalando SE
Business Developer Market Research
“VISARIGHT provided a very professional, stress-free, straight to the point and efficient support since day one. Having one Customer Success Manager dedicated to my case was a huge differential factor that made me feel absolutely secure and trust the way all the information was being shared..."
Aline Guimarães Lacerda
Zalando SE
Zalando SE
Senior Product Designer
iOS Software Engineer
“VISARIGHT helped me to get an employment visa for starting a new job. Once they took charge, everything was set up quickly and easily. Any question I had was sorted out within minutes, which made the whole visa process from stressful to quick and informative. Even when the embassy representative..."
Maya Schwartz
I would like to express my gratitude towards the VISARIGHT team and their extreme depth of knowledge and support. Without you, I couldn’t make my transition easier. Your service from the visa process to settle down in Berlin with Blue Card was amazing..."
Ravikumar Chintakayala
Phiture GmbH
Performance Marketing Consultant
“Thank you to VISARIGHT for making a stressful change in my life, as stress-free as possible! It would've taken very long and been very stressful to go through the employment visa and residence permit process by myself as there's a lot of steps and documents to go over..."
Gizem Akgul
"I'm more than satisfied with VISARIGHT. They have been absolutely brilliant in organising my documents and getting quick appointments at the authorities. They responded immediately to all my queries and I was completely stress free during the whole process from the beginning to the end. I would recommend VISARIGHT to anyone!"
Anoj Krishna Thirunavukkarasu
"I want to say a very big thank you to VISARIGHT for going above and beyond to getting my visa and residence permit approved. You made my relocation to join my husband possible and stress-free. At first, it was looking impossible due to the pandemic lockdown, coupled with the fact that I was pregnant, but VISARIGHT did an exceptional job! The customer success team handled my case in a very professional and diligent manner. I will recommend VISARIGHT one million times to anyone that needs relocation assistance."
Peculiar Nwuguru
“VISARIGHT made my life a lot easier by helping me get my German Visa approved. What impressed me the most was their effort to provide a great customer experience with responsiveness, patience, politeness, and commitment to the end goal. It was really a 5-star service, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to migrate to Germany from a non-EU country. They really deliver!"
Lazar Markovič
UX/UI Designer
Sunlab GmbH
SAP MM/SD Consultant
@ Emagewise (Pvt) Ltd
Zalando SE
Technical Project Manager
“hayan and myself are really glad we got a chance to work with Ilya and it was of great help to us especially during the initial days when we had no clue what to expect, his step by step guidance and help throughout the process took a lot of pressure off our shoulders. This not only helped us find an accommodation in less time..."
Maria Iqbal
“I took service for Family Reunion VISA for my family. Biran Noble helped me a lot during all phases of Family Reunion VISA starting from taking appointments at German Consulate, Mumbai India until stamping the VISA on passport. He cleared all our doubts and advice during the whole process. He is very kind and a good problem solver.
I would highly recommend VISARIGHT in all of their services.
Many thanks Biran Noble and appreciate his efforts“
Tarak Nafade
Zalando SE
Frontend Engineer
"VISARIGHT making the process simple by clarifying all requirements to collecting the correct proof to getting Visa for my spouse and me."
Behnam Mohammadiaghjehkohol
"Being new to the country, I needed assistance in understanding the detailed process to get my residence permit. I reached out to Visaright and was not disappointed. Olga was my point of contact and has been patient and punctual in all her interactions with me. When I had some questions, the legal team was also quite helpful in advising and recommending the right way forward. Overall, my experience has been pleasant and I am more than satisfied with Visaright's efficiency and methodical approach."
Harsha Raju
It was a huge challenge for me to relocate to another country during the COVID-19 restrictions, but VISARIGHT was there for the rescue. Initially, they were recommended to me by one of my friends, and I am very happy that I decided to start my journey with them. Not only did they do such clean work with the papers, but also they have one of the best customer relationships. They will always be there to respond to your questions and make the process smoother. Do not hesitate to work with them, that I can confidently say.
Gizem Pekkucuk
"VISARIGHT took all my stress away from applying for my residence permit, which was especially helpful during COVID-19. It can be really confusing trying to figure out which documents you need to send in, where you need to send them, which type of permit to apply for and how to get an appointment — VISARIGHT removed all of that confusion. Viktoriia from Customer Care at VISARIGHT was super helpful and responsive to my questions."
Tessa Miskell
Senior Growth Consultant
@ Phiture GmbH
Cyber Security Specialist
@ Fidor Solutions GmbH
Head of EU Business Strategy
@ UnoMinda group
“VISARIGHT handled my application for a Permanent Residence permit. They were thoroughly professional, extremely responsive and always willing to provide advice and reassurance throughout the process. There were certain complications due to the nature of my case that the team was able to handle, and provide sound advice that ultimately proved to be valuable in the acceptance of my application. The rates are fair and they did their best to optimize the process, so I would not have to pay anything extra. Highly recommended and worth it!”
Kunal Mehan
@ OFI Group GmbH
Co-founder & MD at Ophigo
“Using VISARIGHT has been a pleasant experience for both me and my company. As a founder, sometimes to get good talent it is necessary to find people with specific skill sets around the world. It is also necessary to bring them to the business location and VISARIGHT makes it very easy...”
Suprith Shankara Reddy
@ Yukka Lab AG
Head of Product
"VISARIGHT has helped us immensely by providing a smooth and fast relocation process. We were able to reach all our hiring goals by speeding up the relocation process, getting our new colleagues on board super fast. I highly appreciate the professional, yet personal touch everybody at VISARIGHT brings to the process – it just gives myself as a Recruiter a great feeling to know that my future team members are in good hands."
Jasmin Biegemeier
"VISARIGHT did an outstanding job helping us to hire a programmer from Kazakhstan in no time. Andreas and his team were super responsive & informative so that we always had peace of mind during the process. We will definitely hire VISARIGHT again."
Stefan Wörner
"Business at Automobili Pininfarina is as fast-paced as our revolutionary pure-electric cars. In VISARIGHT, we found a supplier that understands our philosophy and ensures we stay ahead of the competition."
Jessica Mohl
Human Resources
@ Automobili Pininfarina
Head of Product Development
@ Aeroscan
Senior Recruiter Tech
@ Enpal GmbH
@ Native Instruments
Senior People Operations Specialist
"We started working with VISARIGHT beginning of 2020 and it was the best decision for our onboarding experience. Their process is easy to follow, thanks to their expertise and speed every new employee could start more or less on time and most importantly our new employees (and myself) felt greatly guided along the process. Their personal support and on-point communication make work permit topics smooth and easy."
Franziska Hollingworth
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