Working Holiday in Germany

Spend your semester break in Germany:
Travel abroad and earn money.
Holiday employment for foreign students
You are a student of a foreign university or technical college.
Every year many foreign students travel to Germany during their semester break to earn extra money while also learning German and exploring a foreign country and culture. From hospitality to agriculture, the holiday season opens up plenty of opportunities. Bars and restaurants, for example, seek additional staff to meet the increased demand of guests and tourists. You could also be working as a housekeeper in a hotel or, if hospitality is not your thing, help out at harvest on a farm. With this range of opportunities, you can choose to stay in an exciting city, a coastal area or the idyllic countryside.
Your total duration of stay will not exceed 90 days within a period of 12 months and will be during your semester breaks.
You possess valid health insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Germany.
Special Offer for Students
You have basic knowledge of the German language and perhaps relevant work experience.
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Working Holiday in Germany
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Searching for holiday employment
There are several ways to find job placements in Germany for your semester breaks. One way is by applying at the Federal Employment Agency before the annual deadline of January, 31st. They may propose summer job positions to you, though this isn't guaranteed. You may also find a position by yourself.
Through VISARIGHT you can avoid a lengthy and complicated job search. By signing up, we will match you with an employer who is looking for a seasonal worker. You can make free use of our application forms and will pay only upon successful job placement and visa application.
1. The scope of potential activities depends on your knowledge of German. English skills can positively affect your application. The higher the language level, the more likely you are to qualify for an interesting position. If you are seeking employment in the hospitality and catering sector, previous experience can be an advantage.
2. The longer you are available for and the more industries you consider, the better your chances are of being placed.
Approval of the Federal Employment Agency
If you come from outside the Schengen area, your job placement requires the approval of the Federal Employment Agency. This is a prerequisite for the subsequent visa application. In order to make a decision, your higher education institution will need to verify your enrolment and the dates of the summer or winter breaks. Also, your employer in Germany will need to confirm the proposed work.
Visa service
Where necessary, visas are issued by the local German embassies and consulates abroad. Due to high demand before the holiday seasons, the appointment should be booked early. Our visa service is simple: just fill out a form. We compile the application documents for you to make sure that nothing stands in your way of entering Germany.
incl. VAT
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can apply?
Only students who are enrolled at a foreign university can apply.
How long and when can I work?
You may not work more than 90 days during any given year and only during your semester break.
Which requirements do I have to meet?
In addition to being a student, you should have good knowledge of German. English language skills and previous professional experience are a plus.
What documents do I need?
You will need your statement of enrollment and a curriculum vitae. We will put together all the necessary application documents for you.
Do I need a visa?
As a national of the member states of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, you do not need a visa. As a national of Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia, you do not need a visa if you have a biometric passport.
As a national of any other country, you will need a visa. Visa support comes at no additional cost.
Where will I be accommodated?
All of our placements include accommodation and in some cases meals. Conditions vary from employer to employer. Students often share a room or an apartment with each other.
How much will I earn?
The minimum hourly wage in Germany is 9.19€. You will receive the same salary as your German colleague in the same position. You may also receive tips should you be working in hospitality or hotels. Most vacancies are designed for full-time employment: 40 hours per week.
Do I need health insurance?
Yes, you must have health insurance for the duration of your stay in Germany. Through VISARIGHT, you can take out insurance at a discount.
What expenses do I have to pay?
The application is free of charge. In the event of successful placement, the cost of full support by VISARIGHT is 99€. Health insurance is not included in our price, but you can get it from us at a reduced price. You must also pay for travel and other out-of-pocket expenses. Usually, the employer pays the salary at the end of the month and deducts the accommodation costs.
What if I encounter problems with my employer?
If you have issues at work, please contact your employer first and talk to them. Often misunderstandings can be clarified. If the problem persists, contact us before you end your employment. We are happy to support you in a mediating way and have a clarifying discussion with your employer.
What guarantees does this service offer me?
You will receive a 100% refund in case of rejection by the German authorities.
  • Our company is located in Berlin.
  • We only work with reputable and serious employers.
  • We are the only ones offering a 100% refund guarantee.
  • No hidden costs. Our service is completely transparent and understandable.
  • We will always stay in touch. We solve your questions quickly, in case of difficulties we will help you personally.
Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, New Zealand and USA
-When issuing a Blue Card to experts in the field of natural sciences, mathematics, IT, engineers, doctors and representatives of other professions in short supply, the minimum annual salary is 41,808 euros.
-For other occupations 53 600 euros
-Sums are indicated before deduction of the required deductions, as of 2019
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