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How to check compliance?
Obtaining an EU Blue Card is subject to a number of conditions, the most important of which is that the applicant has a higher education recognized in Germany or the compliance of a foreign educational document with any German diploma.

This information can be found using the ANABIN website.
It is always necessary to check not only the academic qualifications, but also your university on the ANABIN website.

When evaluating a degree, ANABIN uses three equivalence classes:

  • Conditionally comparable
  • Compliant
  • Comparable
A university evaluation is a status search that allows you to determine whether a foreign university is equated to a university in Germany. To check the status of your university, search for an educational institution in the "Institutionen" section and, if necessary, also specify other search criteria. Then select the university and define its status. ANABIN uses three statuses:

  • H+
  • Н-
  • Н+/-
A university with an H+ status is recognized as a university in Germany. For academic qualifications of universities with the status H+/-, additional conditions must be met. If your degree is equated to the categories "compliant / comparable" (entsprechend / vergleichbar), and the educational institution has an H+ status, then you have the grounds for obtaining a Blue Card. Printouts from the ANABIN website are usually sufficient for the diplomatic mission.

If your foreign academic qualifications / your university is absent in the ANABIN database, not equated to the category "compliant / comparable" (entsprechend / vergleichbar) or equated to the category "conditionally comparable" ("bedingt vergleichbar"), you need to contact the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB - Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen) in order to evaluate your diploma.
Assessment of the diploma for the Blue Card
To evaluate the diploma you need to:

1. Translate and notarize your diploma.

2. Fill out an application on the ANABIN website. In the "Antragszweck" field, enter "Blue-Card angestrebt". If you have signed a contract, you must indicate "Blue-Card beantragt" and tick the "Arbeitsvertrag liegt vor" box.

3. Submit your application.

Clicking the "Senden" button will open a page with a link to the PDF document. You must save this document, print it and send it by mail to the address indicated in the application header. A letter will be sent to the email indicated in the application with further instructions and confirmation of the possibility of evaluating the diploma.

The application must be accompanied by the documents indicated on the website. A detailed list of documents can be seen after choosing your country.

Important: send only copies, no originals. The assessment of the diploma will cost 200 euros for the first document of education, and 100 euros for all subsequent. The amount must be transferred to the account indicated in the email. Your application can only be processed after confirmation of payment.
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